Monday, 23 April 2012

Kia ora Aotearoa !!!

The beautiful, breathtaking, New Zealand..
i cant describe how magical this country is, I've been here for five times now and still my heart stops every time i come out of the plane. It is a true untouched paradise..
I'm in Auckland at the moment the North Island biggest city, working with my amazing agency, its been over a month now and going to be here for awhile, i wont complain because i really love and enjoy my stay over here! 
 Source Hipkiss scans of old maps

i cant wait to start sharing the amazing things I've discover here in Auckland and other parts of New Zealand !! 


Sunday, 22 April 2012

My First Blog Post !!!

I'm not quite sure where to start, here i am in New Zealand, starting over with my career, in a happy state of mind and of course sharing every moment with a very special person in my life. It is a big change but I feel very blessed and excited about it... isn't a big change suppose to be good for you?? well... mine has been more then good so far!! big smile to that!!!'s one way i want to celebrate it and share it... for all of you that are wondering where, and what I've been up too these days...
To all my dear friends and family that are scattered across the universe...,
these are my adventures, experiences and my discoveries i find along the way...
I don't even know where this will go...